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References for investors

CITYMAKLER DRESDEN has become one of the most experienced agencies in the region because it has complete faith in its team with its more than ten years of experience. Our sales experts manage individual flats as well as comprehensive portfolios with hundreds of flats or business properties. A discrete and professional mediation and a service oriented manner of business for sellers and buyers is our secret to success.
Our references speak for themselves:

Access! Fitted kitchen, elevator, balcony and parking space! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: New
Total area: 35,00 m²
Location: 01277 Dresden
After detailed market analysis and assessment of the shortcomings, this functional apartment was placed on the market by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN in a cost-optimized manner and was accordingly our assessment sold!
Teilsan. MFH - large ETW for self-reference + rental income: clever living AND investing! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: Renovated old building
Total area: 600,02 m²
Location: 01257 Dresden
Built in 1900 as a freestanding apartment building and progressively modernized since 1983, the property has 6 residential units. Thanks to the exact market valuation of CITYMAKLER DRESDEN, the property was sold to a private investor in just six weeks in the amount of our expertise.
DD-Trachenberge! Solid investment with balcony + tub! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: Renovated old building
Total area: 56,85 m²
Location: 01129 Dresden
This 2-room-ETW in the cultivated 30s old building was within a short time to a local private investor from Dresden according to. Price expertise sold by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN.
Commercial areas with top equipment (ramp, garage, parking spaces, shower, tea kitchen, terrace)!
Type of property: New
Total area: 272,00 m²
Location: 01139 Dresden
CITYMAKLER DRESDEN brokered these attractive business areas in the west of Dresden on an exclusive order! The purchaser plans to use the premises after conversion. CITYMAKLER DRESDEN WISH MUCH SUCCESS in the new rooms!
Long-term rental - entry-level investment in DD South with bath + balcony. www.cmdd.de!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Total area: 57,57 m²
Location: 01189 Dresden
This investment property was sold to a group of Dresdner investors after full refurbishment of the property (market value assessment, presentation, clarification of existing tenancy, etc.). CITYMAKLER DRESDEN was able to convey a beautiful property at the price expectations of the seller and buyer side through expertise and authenticity - despite the complexity of the property conditions.
Long-term rented! Quiet on the outskirts! Ideal motorway connection www.cmdd.de
Type of property: New
Total area: 46,00 m²
Location: 01723 Kesselsdorf
This cozy 2-room ETW in the attic of a new building built in 1994 was mediated with perseverance and observation of the market at the best price by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN.
Lucrative investment package in a quiet location DD-West! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: New
Total area: 138,35 m²
Location: 01157 Dresden
Year of construction: 1993,Energy passport type: Consumption pass,Energy with hot water: Yes,Energy value: 105.61,Heating type: gas heating,Firing / energy sources: gas,Ref: The investment package - consisting of 2 two-room apartments + 1 one-room apartment in a ca.1993 built new building in a quiet location of Dresden-Cotta - was sold in optimal negotiation time by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN to a private investor in Munich. After a detailed analysis of the object and an exchange of ideas with CITYMAKLER DRESDEN, the certification took place in a timely manner.
Location, location, location - also in 2018! 2.5 rooms, TG, terrace, dressing room! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: New building first occupancy
Total area: 58,28 m²
Location: 01099 Dresden
The quality 2.5-room apartment - rented for many years - was brokered by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN in a short sales time above the price expectations of the sellers to an investor from the old federal states. Through our possibilities of the virtual apartment tour could be again visited here for the time being from a distance.
TOP investment in a great location - safe rental! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: New
Total area: 58,28 m²
Location: 01099 Dresden
This exclusive investment was brokered to a retail investor at the stated purchase price just 4 weeks after publication by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN.
Flexible usage options! WG-compatible! HH in the trendy district Neustadt! www.cmdd.de
Type of property: Renovated old building
Total area: 70,71 m²
Location: 01099 Dresden
?Even highly complicated matters we solve to the full satisfaction of our customers! CITYMAKLER DRESDEN supported here u.a. in land registry matters, reassignment of special rights to the transfer of the apartment to the new owners. The Erdgeschosseinheit mediated here - located in the rear building in the finest Neustadtlage - was sold by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN the desired price of sellers to a young couple from the old undesirable for own use.